Why You Shouldn't Give Up

Simon Sinek's words of wisdom....

I listened to a great podcast recently with the master and creator of the WHY movement (ie - author of the book Start With Why and Find Your Why https://startwithwhy.com/books/) and he gave a great analogy for why you have to keep going and striving for progress even though it might seem hopeless at times.

He said it’s just like losing weight. If you want to see results you can’t go to the gym for 9 hours straight and then expect to see a new body right? You have to work at it, day after day. And if you use common sense then you know, with absolute certainty, that if you go to the gym for an hour each day, you WILL see results in a few weeks. No question about it. There are no shortcuts; it doesn’t happen overnight; and it does take hard work - but it WILL happen. You have to believe in the process and believe in where you are heading, not just how to get there, and it will happen for you.

So that’s it folks. Wise words from an incredibly inspiration man whose mission in life is to inspire others. I hope this analogy is something you can relate to and has inspired you to keep going if you feel like giving up. Because it WILL work. We believe in you.




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Gillian Harvey