What Is Branding Anyway?

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Ok so you know what a ‘brand’ is (McDonalds, Pepsi, Nike, blah blah blah), but you hear people talk about the importance of ‘branding’ all the time and you’re like, huh? I don’t get it. Don’t I just have to create a logo and pick some fonts and I’m sorted? Why are people paying thousands of dollars OR MORE(!) for this stuff?

We get you! Although we knew branding was a big deal, at first we didn’t understand how deep the value of a strong brand went and how much psychology and strategy goes into creating lasting brands and building brand equity. 

Cut to now, after heaps of marketing and psychology education combined with years of work experience at major corporations all over the globe, suffice to say, we get it! And we are SO excited to share it with you. We want you to receive the insider knowledge of why branding is so integral to your company's success so you can start applying it today and create a lasting brand that you love and that attracts your dream clients!

So let’s start with the basics: Branding is the perception people have when they see, think, or hear of your company name or product. In short, it’s the ultimate first impression and often also the lasting impression. 

A brand helps you stay apart from the competition and allows you to connect with your audience on an emotional level through the feelings created by your brand’s messaging, values, colours and images etc.. Having the right brand that is authentic to you, your mission and your audience is often the missing ingredient in many startups and it is often the thing that takes you from mediocre to “OMG have you not heard about X??”

Brands create loyal customers AND loyal employees because it gives people something to believe in - it’s a promise, it’s an experience, and it even has it’s own personality! Think of it as the protagonist in the story of your company - you can’t have a good story without one!! 

By humanizing your brand and giving it values, it allows prospective clients to relate to the brand as if it was a friend who understands you, supports you, and has your best intentions at heart. And a good friend like that is hard to forget!

To have a successful brand you have to be able to intimately understand the needs of your target demographic and make sure you are memorably communicating that at every brand touchpoint. What’s a brand touchpoint you might ask? Well that’s any point of communication or contact between your company and your target demographic - that can be anything from how you greet customers to how your invoices are designed and delivered. A brand will be felt and expressed throughout your entire company!!!  Umm….. Yeah, so it’s kind of important :) 

So where do you start when creating a brand? You have to start at the core. You have to start with YOU and your WHY. Why do you do what you do? What brought you to this point? What do you believe in. In our next post we are going to tell you all about what your brand story is and why that is so important to the success of your company. Stay tuned!

Here are some of the key ingredients that make up a delicious brand:

Clear Brand Goals
Brand Values
Brand Messaging
Brand Story
Brand Personality
Brand Voice and Tone
Brand Name and Tagline
Brand Colours
Brand Fonts
Logo and Icon
Visual Aesthetic
Brand Social Media


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