What’s Your State?

Reduce stress and find greater success with tips and tactics straight from the horse’s mouth


I recently had the exhilarating and uplifting experience of seeing TONY ROBBINS LIVE in my hometown for his Power of Success tour! 

With the image in my mind of Tony placing a spell on Hal (Jack Black) in Shallow Hal, I had a tiny inner expectation of a powerful transformational mindset experience, but really all I hoped for was to leave feeling more motivated with a few key takeaways for success.

Side note: If you haven’t seen the movie, you should, it’s hilarious. Tony convinces a shallow man to fall in love with a 300 pound woman because of her "inner beauty".

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I came within inches of high-fiving Tony’s giant right hand as he cruised the conference room isles only to have his security team redirect him as he approached our row, but it didn’t matter. I left with so, so much more.

Below are the top highlights and tactics you can implement today to reduce stress and find greater success.

Tony’s 2 key steps to creating an extraordinary life are:

  1. The Science of Achievement, or the ability turn any dream into reality, to produce any result.
  2. The Art of Fulfillment, or the art of finding joy in the process of whatever life brings; the power to understand, appreciate, and enjoy our lives at the deepest level.

I’ll focus here primarily on The Science of Achievement and on our “State”, because this is the powerful piece that can help you start feeling happier and less stressed in minutes, literally!

The Science of Achievement

Your State

Tony describes that there are two forces that influence our decisions: our "State" (moment to moment) and our “Blueprint” (long-term).

When I think of my State in terms of how I am feeling at my lowest points this could be: frustrated, anxious, afraid, depressed, stressed, ashamed, to name a few. It always reminds me of my father telling me that “the first thing you need to change is your attitude”. “FINE”, I’d say, “I’ll CHANGE IT! Grrrr…. (stomp ,stomp, stomp)”. Full well having no idea how to actually DO that. Well, seeing Tony live finally gave me clarity to this phrase. It wasn’t really my attitude I had to change, it was my “State”.

Moment to moment, we operate in a “Beautiful State” or a “Suffering State”. The Beautiful State is our peak state, our high energy, flowing state. It’s where we want to be to achieve success! The Suffering State is our low energy typically caused by the fear of loss, less and never. This is not such a happy place to be.

There are three contributors to your State: your focus, your language, and your physiology

If you’re like me, you’ve already put in significant time and effort towards your personal growth. So you already have a good idea about how if a race car driver focuses on the wall, he’s going to hit the wall! We know our focus is important. We also know how powerful our EGO or little voice inside our head is, working away trying it’s best to keep us safe and in our comfort zone. So we know the power of our thoughts (our internal language) as well as what we say out loud can have over us. But have you ever stopped to realize how equally important our physical movement is? Our physiology is POWERFUL! Or, as Tony said “motion = emotion, your emotions can be controlled by the way you move.”

Our physiology is our body experience. Our posture, biochemistry, breathing and muscular tension/relaxation.

Why is our physiology so important to changing our State? By tracking heart rate and brain waves at the same time, medical tests revealed cortical inhibition (chaos) in a State of frustration, and cortical facilitation (coherence) in a State of appreciation:

Did you know that even just 4 – 5 minutes in a depressed State can lead to 4 – 5 hours of feeling down?

Life is too short to suffer. Choose not to suffer anymore. Let go of beliefs that are holding you back. Trade expectation for appreciation! Choose to live in a Beautiful State and welcome success!

How to Shift From a “Suffering State” to a “Beautiful State”

First of all, figure out your physiology in your peak and suffering states. For example, the next time you are excited and passionately speaking to a friend, notice your body language (are you leaning forward or back?), notice the pace and tone of your voice, notice whether or not you are using your hands as you speak and how the muscles in your face feel.  Then think about a time when you are in a Suffering State. Are you trying to get out of the conversation as fast as possible? Is your voice quiet and slow paced? Are you making eye contact or looking at the ground? Great! Now you are starting to see your physiological expressions and how they are connected to your emotions. Remember, “motion = emotion”. Now you’re ready to shift.

The next time you feel yourself in a Suffering State, excuse yourself if you need to and take just 2 to 4 minutes to:

1. Change your physiology. Like I say to my toddler, “shake your sillies out!” Get that blood flowing. Jump up and down, hands in the air, breath deep, move, move, move. Let out cries of joy if you feel like it! Even visualizing successful times can change our physiology!

Feeling better already, right? Now close your eyes and put your hands on your beating heart.

2. Change your focus. Change your focus from suffering to appreciation and gratitude. Start by simply being grateful for your beating heart that is carrying oxygen and blood throughout your entire body. Then think about an experience you are incredibly grateful to have had and how you felt in that exact moment. It’s impossible to feel the pain of suffering when we are focusing on appreciation or gratitude. Don’t focus on what you can’t control, what’s missing or the past or future. Look at what you are in control of (breath), what you have (life) and be in the present.

3. Change your language. What are you telling yourself that is not serving you? Throw that out the window immediately and turn it around. You are worthy, you are smart, you’ve got this, the universe has a plan. 

Open your eyes and feel instantly better.

Go ahead! Give it a try now! Stand up, shake it out, jump up and throw your hands in the air! Feel gratitude, be in the moment and tell yourself you are awesome! Then go and hug someone you love and help them feel better too! Whoo!!

Some inspirational quotes from the live event:

  • “Beliefs control behaviours”
  •  “The words you attach to your experience become your experience”
  • “Focusing on the present allows you to FEEL”
  • “Motion = Emotion. Your emotions can be controlled by the way you move”
  • “Massive action is a cure all”
  • “Complexity is the enemy of execution”
  • “Progress = Happiness”
  • “Model someone who is already doing what you want to do; figure out what they are doing”
  • “We must grow so we have something to give”
  • “There is a difference between achieving for happiness, and happily achieving”
  • “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten”

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