How To Build A Business With A New Baby


Living a productive and balanced lifestyle while building the life and business of your dreams

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“Well, things are going pretty well... I’m keeping busy… I’m kind of, working part time… actually, I’m working on starting my own business.”

After MONTHS and MONTHS of working away as my gorgeous new baby girl napped each day, I could finally muster up the courage to mumble out that sentence in response to “how is your maternity leave going?”

Maybe it was the fear of failure that held me back from letting others know what I was working on. The fear of judgement: going back to work too soon, or not at all (everyone seemed to have an opinion). Or the fear of sharing a dream I’d kept quiet and close to my heart for as long as I could remember. I knew I always wanted to at least ‘try’ being an entrepreneur….one day.

But something incredible happened. Once I started to let people in on what I’d been working on, they’d check me out online and say, “wow, you’ve done all that with a baby! This is incredible! Well done!”

The truth was, I honestly felt like I had cracked the code!

I was working away creating the life and business of my dreams, moving further away from having to consider going back to my soul sucking “9-5” (that was never actually 9 - 5!), and closer to a life of abundance, FREEDOM and FULFILLMENT! I’d figured out how to schedule myself to spend quality time in with my babe, take care of my family, my home, MYSELF (!) all while building the business of my dreams!

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You see, if I could have my days and weeks at least roughly scheduled and down on paper, it gave me a huge sense of control and a clear picture of how I was spending my time. I could literally see the blocks of time that I could spend with my babe, working out, taking care of the home or working on my business.  For me, this helped me learn how not to feel stressed or guilty about not being with my babe and when I was working, or about not getting any work done when I was with her.

So it’s time to lift the veil and share with you how I spent my time when I was starting out and building up my business, so that you can see it’s possible and that if you want to, you can do it too!

Use my schedule as a template and take ideas to create the perfect schedule that will work for you. I’ve included three versions: (1) how it did it on my own; (2) how I did it with limited part time childcare; and (3) a blank template for you to work from.

These schedules worked really well for me and I encourage you to simply take the ideas and concepts and choose what will work best for you, for your family and with your schedule. Personally, I found that by paying close attention to my baby’s cues from early on and tracking her sleeping and eating to identify patterns, then working around her schedule rather than forcing her onto mine, worked well. At the beginning she slept often and when I needed to I made sure to rest as well. As the months progressed she fell into a pattern of 2 naps per day and sleeping through the night. These periods became my focus blocks of time. I chose to do a lot of the household chores with her (read more ideas about that here).  I now have the desire and financial ability to hire childcare for 3 full days per week.


Now is the time to start building your dream business.

I did it, and I know you can too. Start before you’re ready. A little progress adds up to big results.

Now’s your time! Life is short. Live yours. Dream big. Know yourself. Love yourself. Find your purpose. Feel Joyful. Shine bright and inspire others.



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Gillian Harvey