Ever Felt Like Your Voice Wasn't Heard?


A strange thing happens with us women sometimes. We can be kick ass moms, friends, daughters, wives, sisters, students... but sometimes... when it comes to work life, we can feel like our ideas and our opinions aren’t valued as much. That other people know better. That it’s easier to just follow the lead... There are people, usually the higher ups, that speak loud, clear and confidently about new ideas and strategies, and we too, have ideas brimming inside us that are waiting to burst out, but…. we swallow them. We follow instructions, we do what they think is best, and we carry on. Ever felt this way?

The thing about this is, sometimes our bottled up voice boils inside us and comes out in ways we don’t want it to… speaking badly about our bosses, feeling frustrated and exhausted, eating or drinking too much, feeling unfulfilled, and sometimes even depressed. We know we have so much to give yet we feel like we don’t have the outlet to express it.


If you can relate to this in anyway, I encourage you to do this five minute exercise:

Close your eyes and imagine yourself standing confidently in front of a group of people talking about something you are passionate about. You may not even know what that is yet but you can feel it in your body. Your eyes are sparkling, your body is engaged and expressive, you smile when you talk…. And you can see the excitement and engagement in your listener's face. All eyes are on you… and you’ve never felt so alive. So confident. So proud of yourself and all that you have accomplished. You feel fulfilled. Joyful. Free. And proud.

Now I encourage you to take it one step further. If you were living a life where your voice was valued, where you were feeling alive, fulfilled and passionate every single day...where money was flowing to you in abundance because of the energy you have created around you..where would you be? What would your life look like? What kind of home would you come back to? Who would be there with you? Close your eyes now and picture walking home from an incredible speaking event into your house. How do you feel? What does it look like and smell like? How are you going to spend the rest of your day? What are you going to do for fun and relaxation?



Feels pretty good right? That’s the beauty of our minds. It can make us feel good by just thinking about things. But the even better part is it can also help us make that a reality. It all comes down to decisions. Like a great quote says, ‘Every morning we have two choices: to either sleep with our dreams or go out and chase them’. And that’s the truth. If we choose to take action towards making our dreams a reality, then pretty soon, it will become a reality. Because a little action each day towards our goals adds up to big results. You just need to trust yourself. Trust that your ideas are worth sharing. That you have something to give the world and the world will benefit from hearing it.

You’ve got this sister, and we’ve got your back.

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