What Makes A Good Brand Great?

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Today we’re talking about the difference between a good brand and a GREAT brand, you guessed it! It’s brand CONSISTENCY!

It’s time to serve it!

Once you have all of the key ingredients that make up a delicious brand, it’s time to serve it, baby! That’s right. Now you’re ready to get your brand out there, to start raising brand awareness, brand recognition and brand equity. Strategically building the know, like and trust factor with your audience across all brand touchpoints.

Who’s showing up?

So think about a friend or person you know (and we all know someone like this) who each time you see them you’re not exactly sure what you’re going to get. Maybe they’re in a great mood, happy and optimistic one day and completely cynical the next.  It’s confusing, right? Now, I’m not saying we all don’t have the odd bad day here and there, but what I am saying is that clients and customers don’t want a confusing brand.

In general we love spending time with people who are authentic and who show up in a consistent manner each time we see them. A GREAT brand is that friend who shows up consistently. Their personality, values, messaging and style is magnetic and you enjoy how it makes you feel. Sometimes you get to know a brand so well that you’ll scroll over one of their ads and immediately know it’s them, without even noticing the brand name. You feel comfortable and familiar with the brand, it’s interesting and intriguing. You know it, like it and trust it, then BINGO you buy from it again and again and again.  

Strategic commitment

Brand consistency is a strategic commitment you choose to make for your business. Consistency can pave the way for creative impact!

Building brand recognition and brand equity take time. So how do you make sure to show up consistently with your brand, for the long term? Even when your company grows, you bring on new employees and outsource more and more?

Here’s how. Set yourself some brand guidelines, keep them handy on your desk and give them out as a reference point to contractors and employees. We like to use a brand board (one pager, with quick reference to logos, colours, fonts, values and imagery), as well as a more detailed and all encompassing brand deck including everything from your brand story and brand messaging through to your editorial and visual guidelines. Your brand guidelines are literally your guideposts and can be referred to before each social media post, when writing your next email or blog post, when crafting your website copy, even when creating your invoices! Refer to your brand guidelines for every action your business takes. Sticking to your guidelines means sticking to showing up consistently.

Don’t forget, your brand isn’t meant to please everyone. It’s meant to appeal to your specific target market. Don’t let the fear of not appealing to some, keep you from having a strong and consistent brand.

Interested in learning how to create you own brand board and brand deck?  Drop us an email to let us know what you need.


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