3 Awesome Brand Decks

What is a Brand Deck?  Well, first off it sometimes goes by different names. So you may have heard of this referred to as a Brand Style Guide or even a Brand Bible!

Whatever name you like to call it, this powerful document is truly a one stop shop. It’s something you don’t necessarily want in the hands of your competitors, but it’s exactly what each contractor or employee working for you will need in order to understand and convey your brand to the world.

This detailed deck captures the entire story, brand messages, aesthetic and essence of your brand. This is your branding rule book. Not one piece of content or imagery should go out your door if it is not aligned with the contents in your brand deck. Why? To keep your brand consistent! Learn more about the importance of consistency in branding here.

Girl, you’re busy! Get this done once, get it right and never worry again!

Members of the NatPark Collective DIY Branding Program The Ultimate Secret Recipe For Your Authentic Brand receive a customizable Brand Deck Template, video tutorials on how to complete it as well as training and guidance on how to create each individual key ingredient of your own authentic and irresistible brand!

Here are 3 examples brand decks we love that will get your creative juices flowing.

Wolf Circus Jewelry (Click image for full Brand Deck)

Barre & Soul (Click image for full Brand Deck)

Love to Ride (Click image for full Brand Deck)


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