Top 5 Branding Mistakes

Are you guilty of making any of these HUGE branding mistakes?

When it comes to creating your own logo, designing your own website, or choosing your own fonts, it is integral that you look at your brand as a whole. (For a refresher on what branding really is, read this)

Check out these branding mistakes below and see if there are any aspects of your brand that could use some TLC:

  1. Lack of consistency - Having a consistent brand presence at all customer touch points creates trust, comfort, and makes your brand recognizable. When you have a disjointed brand people interpret your company as unorganized, unprofessional and untrustworthy. In order to make sure this doesn’t happen to you it is important you have a full brand deck that includes everything - values, personality, tone, fonts and more. It’s also handy to have a one page brand board that summarizes the key points that you can post near your computer and hand out to any future employees or contractors.  

  2. Lack of foundation - Some people think that they can simply create a logo, pick fonts, choose colours and they are done. This is one of the BIGGEST mistakes, and one that leads many startups to fail. Brands are so much deeper than that, and without a strong foundation, your company will tumble... regardless of how pretty your website looks.

  3. Not paying attention to your images -There are two big issues when it comes to images. Firstly, people often post images with files that are too large which slows down their site and loses visitors. Secondly, they don’t pay attention to how their images reflect their brand. Whether it’s having a cluttered background, not portraying the correct emotion that matches the sentiment of your customers, or posting inconsistent photos that don’t work together as a group - these are huge mistakes that you cannot overlook.

  4. Focusing too much on logo design - Some people spend waaaaaaaay too much money or waaaaaaaaaay too much time on their logo. Now this is not to say your logo isn’t important - of course it is! But a logo is just one piece of the puzzle. You can have the most creatively designed logo in the world but if you didn’t spend the time working on other aspects of your brand then viewers will see right through you and they won’t connect and engage.

  5. Making it too complicated - A lot of time DIY branders are guilty of overcomplicating things. They write too much copy, put up too many photos on their websites, have too many fonts… and all of this equals confused and overwhelmed customers. The key to websites and aesthetic design is simplicity. Each element of your visual branding should convey a clear message and have a clear call to action, especially each page of your website. Less is more my friend.

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Gillian Harvey