5 Ways to Increase Productivity

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How many times in the past month have you told someone, “I’m so busy!”? I know for me, that phrase comes out of my mouth almost every day. But here’s the thing, being busy is not equal to being productive if we’re not focusing on the right things. So how can we increase productivity so that our time invested shows real results?

Here are 5 ways that you can start being more productive today:

  1. Avoid multi-tasking. So hard, (especially for women!).  But the truth is, our brains are wired for instant gratification (replying to that text, ticking things off our to-do list, pressing send on an email). however, more often than not, these small wins are taking away our focus from the BIG wins. The fix? Try to schedule a set amount of time to focus on ONE thing. Do it well and then you don’t have to keep dragging it out and completing it in bits and pieces. Once you’re done, give yourself 5-15 minutes to address all the ‘mini wins’ and then move on to the next task.

  2. Ever heard of an IPA? It stands for INCOME PRODUCING ACTIVITY. One of the main items on the TODO list of any business is to create income right? And while every task in building a business is important, it’s key to have laser focus on what actually brings the dollar bills in. Once the revenue comes in, it will be easier to focus on everything else. So, take a piece of paper and write down what your top IPA’s are: is it personally emailing leads? Is it creating FB ads? Is it referrals? Whatever it is, write it down and make sure you take time each day to focus on those key tasks.

  3. Schedule the most important task of the day first. At the beginning of each day, write your to-do list (for an interesting article on how Richard Branson uses to do lists, click here), then choose the most important task and do it first. Even if you don’t want to. Usually the tasks we put off the most are the big ones, the challenging ones, but usually the ones that get us ahead. Once you’ve finished this, all the other tasks of the day will seem super easy and you’ll feel confident and proud that you’ve made progress. Because, as Tony Robbins says, “Progress = Happiness”.

  4. Only check email twice a day - eeeeeek I know I know I know. Seems almost impossible right? The truth is though, the majority of us are addicted to our email. And it’s wasting our time! ‘But what if I miss something important’ you might ask? Well ask yourself, what are the chances that something comes into your email that can’t wait a few hours? If it’s less than 10% of your emails than it’s not worth it. You know it; I know it; most emails can wait, they distract us, get us off track and use up our precious time that we should dedicate to working on our IPA’s (see we can use that term now! Cool!)

  5. Self care. Seems counterproductive to take time for yourself no? Well it’s actually the opposite. If you schedule in small 15 minute breaks throughout the day to go for a walk, meditate, chat with a friend, it will actually help you focus longer throughout the day and be more productive. Giving yourself 10 minutes at the start your day to write down your values, your gratitudes and your personal goals is great way to set your mindset for a productive and happy day ahead. Another winner? Watch one of our videos on motivation or happiness and get pumped for the day ahead!

What are your tips for productivity? Share in the comments section below!


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Gillian Harvey