Branding Your Location

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Atmosphere in marketing is a term used to describe the design of a location to create a desired effect on clients or customers. Atmosphere contributes to the client experience and can help your business be memorable and stand out in a crowded marketplace. It is too often overlooked by small businesses and with the right tips, tricks and strategies, it’s not too difficult to implement. So if you have a physical location and you want your clients to tell all their friends about your amazing business and to keep coming back to you for more, read on.

Make an impression

In branding and marketing we often talk about evoking emotion. Why? Because emotions create memorable impressions. Stimulating responses through the five senses can help your brand leave a mark that won’t be forgotten - for the good or the bad!

Once you have gone through the process of defining your brand values and evaluating your target market to understand their drivers, needs and desires, think about what they like and how they want to feel. Choose a colour scheme that psychologically represents your brand’s values and appeals to your dreamies. Define your brand values and personality all with your target clients in mind, but don’t stop there, take it a step further! To your location.

Your brand, your clients

Think about what your brand stands for and think about your target client. What type of experience are they looking for? What atmospheric variables can strengthen their beliefs and evoke the emotional experience they are looking for?  Is your brand “homely” and “calm” or “cutting-edge” and “fast paced”; “professional/clinical” or “cozy/warm”? “Approachable” or “pretentious”?

Evoking the senses

Now work those concepts into your location through the use of colour, music, textures, and smells.

Colour. Use your brand colours and complementary colours to create a fluid experience between your online presence and physical space. Think wall colour, shelf/display case colours, picture frames and artwork, welcome mats/throw rugs, accent pieces and furniture. Bright lights or dim?

Music. Try “setting the mood”, kind of like a first date! What vibe is your environment giving off? Stale or inviting?  Irritating (to some) or easy listening?

Texture. Think about the essence of a brand that is portrayed when you walk in to see sleek glossy, uncluttered, marble countertops compared to rustic floorboards, wine barrels and faux fur throws.

Smell. Is it food and beverage, cleaning products or Hawaiian holiday feeling your trying to evoke? If your products don’t help do this for your space already, there’s probably a scented candle or room spray for that.

Together, all of these little touches create cohesion for your brand and play well together to stimulate the senses and create a unique and memorable client experience.

Your brand should be represented at every touchpoint. Don’t forget other important aspects that contribute to the overall client experience and your location’s atmosphere, from the language and tone used by your staff members and even their uniform or dress style.

Get inspired

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