6 Easy Ways to Improve the Look of Your Instagram Feed


Do you feel unenthusiastic every time you look at your Instagram feed? Do you wish you had more followers? Wish that your feed would convert more viewers into customers? Wish it looked more professional altogether?

We feel you and have been in your shoes. We remember feeling overwhelmed and unsure how everyone else was able to do it…. Do they have a team of people working for them??? But now, after more than a year of running our business, we want to share with you some quick and easy tips that have increased our following tenfold and have made Instagram our number one way we get new clients!

  1. Space out posts with text on them. Some people like using quotes (our hands are definitely raised) but if you put too many text posts close together your feed will look overwhelming and disorganized. Try to space them out evenly (we recommend every 6th post to our clients) but even if you can’t do them exactly the same number apart every time (hand is still raised) make sure to post them with a minimum of 6 in between so that it looks more pleasing to the eye.

  2. When using text, customize your imagery and keep consistent with your fonts. We highly recommend creating social media templates (our favourite tool is Canva which is free and easy to use) and try to use the same fonts and colours when creating text for your posts. No they don’t all need to look identical but nothing makes a feed look more unprofessional then a bunch of random quotes that are reposted from somebody else's feed in an inconsistent way. Make them your own by adding your own logo, overlays and fonts. It will go a long way. (Don’t know how? Check out our FREE video tutorial)

  3. Use negative space. Having a feed that is too busy or distracting will be messy to a viewer’s eye. Try to balance busy posts next to more simple ones with lots of blank space in them. If your palate is white then white space works great. If it’s black, then use black! Nature, use green grass. Whatever it is make sure that you give your visitor’s eye a break by posting more simplistic photos regularly to break up the feed.

  4. When taking your own images make sure they look high quality. It’s important to mix together stock imagery with some personal imagery or images of your product or service but when you do so make sure they look professional. Our favourite tool is snapseed which allows you to do a quick edit to brighten and adjust the colours. It’s simple to use and you can even save your settings so that all your images have a similar tone. Again, consistency is key. Unfortunately sometimes that means that your event photo just doesn’t fit into your feed - but that’s what Instagram stories are for!

  5. Plan your content. If you really want to up-level the look and feel of your feed then planning your content (even a day in advance) to see how your next photo will fit into the overall feed is key. A great app for this is Planoly or buffer (where you can click preview mode). Not only will this make your entire feed look more professional but it will also save you time and allow you to post more consistently. Win win.

  6. Make sure you have a bank of imagery on hand. There is nothing more frustrating or more discouraging than knowing what you want to say but not having the right imagery to say it. We recommend spending some time banking up imagery so that you have access to a whole array of photos that will fit your brand. Some sites for free photos are pexels, unsplash or pixabay but they do require time searching for the right on-brand image and not all of them will work cohesively together as they are shot by different photographers. Your best bet? Joining a stock photography membership site where you will have access to hundreds of online photos in one spot. If you haven’t checked it out already head over to The Stock Collective to see what we mean!

Hope those tips help ladies! Have any other tips you would like to share? Comment below!

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