February Collections Released!

Welcome back, ladies! It’s The Stock Collective‘s monthly release day, and we are all set to share our newest sets with you.  Get ready to cross your T’s and dot your I’s with the ultra crisp compartmentalization of Blue & Navy Workspace, tame your tousled tresses with the fun new Scrunchies set, and share your message with the world with Podcast Love !

Is it almost February already? Tick tock! The timely Blue & Navy Workspace collection demonstrates why blue is a popular workplace colour, stimulating intellect and communication while promoting a feeling of calm efficiency.

Blue and Navy Workspace Collage.png

High five to getting your social posts scheduled! In black, white, grey and pink, these crushed velvet Scrunchies are back in style and just as we remember – so soft, feminine and trendy.

Scrunchies Collage.png

Female voices, take the mic! It’s your year to shine, and we have just the right combination of studio equipment and silver stationary all tied together with soft white minimalist backdrops in Podcast Love.

Podcast Love Collage.png

If you haven’t had time yet this year to grab a notebook and think about your 2019 goals, we hope these collections will help inspire you to do just that – get organized, get out there, and share your message with the world!  

Signature Both.jpg

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Gillian Harvey