Your Brand's Voice and Tone

NPC_Brand voice and tone

Creating a recognizable persona can help you stand out in the crowd and be memorable. Your brand voice and tone is an important aspect to creating a cohesive feel to your overall brand, helping you build brand equity and brand recognition.  

First create your voice persona, or in essence the feeling that you want your content to portray.  Is your brand’s voice style conversational, supportive, empathetic, authoritative, confident, professional?

Now, how will your content actually sound? This is your brand’s tone. Is it friendly, direct, formal, scientific?

What language does your brand use? Always keep in mind who it is you are speaking to (your dream client!). Is your brand language simple, slang, technical, complex?

Now set yourself up for success and lay out some guidelines for your brand voice and tone (this is super helpful when you start outsourcing things like social media!). Jot down a quick summary of your brand’s voice and tone, any specific grammatical aspects (e.g. 'and' or '&', etc.) and the pillars of the type of content your brand puts out into the world. Hint: include this important info in your Brand Deck!

And remember, always keep your voice and tone consistent throughout  – consistency is what makes good brands great.


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