July Collections Released!

Adventure AND relaxation? Could this be too good to be true? This month we are all about balance. As an entrepreneur how can you embrace this sunny weather, make memories with loved ones AND continue killin’ it as a boss babe? Well my friends, you know the magic word B.A.L.A.N.C.E. So in honour of that we have decided to release two collections that we think perfectly capture this summer motto. Read on to find out more!

Outdoor Adventure.png

Are you ready for an adventure this summer? Put up your hand if you are looking forward to diving into a fresh water lake, roasting marshmallows by the fire, or exploring new places you’ve never been before! (My hand is raised so high my arm hurts!) Well my friends our new Outdoor Adventure collaborative collection with Locally Obsessed is perfect for those gearing up for a summer of fun. With a nod to our beautiful country this collection captures bright green hues with pops of yellow and blue that make it feel vibrant and exciting. Perfect for those looking to grab their sneakers and go explore the great outdoors.

PS- if you have a passion for all things local and live in BC, check out www.locallyobsessed.com who has her finger on all things local. From local products to events she is your go-to gal to discover your own city like you never have before. @locallyobsessed

Lavendar Lovin.png

Now with all the summer craziness it’s important to take time to breathe in the lavender and de-stress. We wanted to compliment our outdoor collection with a collaborative shoot with one of our all time fav’s @alialedoux. These calming images makes you feel like you are in the south of France with gorgeous purple hues and textures of linen. And if you are passionate about all things fresh and natural be sure to hop over to alialedoux.com to see the all-natural products she offers including one of my personal fav’s - “Seriously Works” kitchen spray.

Hope you all love these collections as much as we enjoyed shooting them! Wishing you all a wonderful July full of sunshine and life-long memories.


Gill and Tegan

Gillian Harvey