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Are you ready to start living a life of

freedom, abundance, happiness and inspiration?

Do you know you have something more to offer the world?

Do you want more control over your time and finances?

Are you looking to create a business that will set your soul on fire?

Do you want to have a brand and business you feel confident and proud of?

You’re in the right place, sister!

Get there faster, with ease and with 3 months of personalized support from women who understand what it's like to go from struggling to soaring!

With this jam packed package we will create a tailored recipe for success delivered through 3 months of bi-weekly coaching sessions, a customized strategy and schedule, fillable guides, video tutorials, free resources and exclusive access to our branding package: The Ultimate Secret Recipe for Your Authentic Brand. Throughout this process we will have your back every step of the way to make sure you, your business, and your brand are all aligned with your passion + purpose. Time to start living the life of your dreams!


Where are you now?

  • Do you know that you want to do more with your life but you’re not sure what to do or how to get there? That’s where we started!

  • Have you made the decision to start a business but are realizing that there are SO MANY things to think about and don’t know where to start? Check! Been there! Felt overwhelmed, but mostly excited.

  • Already started your business, but don’t feel connected to it and are still a little unclear on your offering and how to package it? Uh, have we met before?

  • Know what you want to do but need some external perspective and reassurance that you are making the right choices? Totally understand! You’ve chosen the right package!

  • Do you want to be held accountable, follow through with your ideas and have someone show you the path towards creating this life for yourself? We can show you how!


Wondering if this course is right for you?

You’re in the right place if:

  • You’re ready to live life on YOUR terms. You want to have control over your own schedule, have your own ideas heard and create unlimited success for yourself

  • You’re an aspiring or rising entrepreneur wanting to create an online business and life of your dreams

  • You wish you could get some personal advice and support about what to do and how to get there

  • You feel like not being clear on your brand and business idea is holding you back

  • You have an existing business that you feel disconnected to, that doesn’t reflect your business the way you want it to


What's included?

Your Customized Recipe For Freedom package:


Of Live Private Bi-weekly Calls With Us, 

tegan and gill


Discovering your true potential.

Remove fears and blocks that are preventing you from unlimited success. Discover the heart of your company, your WHY and solidify your business idea so you know how you can serve others.


Brand it baby.

During this stage we will review what you have created in the course, give you feedback and suggestions, as well as create a strategy for you going forward. You will be able to ask questions, brainstorm different ideas,  and make sure the foundational part of your branding is S.O.L.I.D.  We will keep you on track throughout the course to make sure you are constantly moving forward and overcoming the dreaded dis-ease of PERFECTIONISM! At the end of this stage we will review your entire brand. We will look at the all the elements you have created and make sure they are consistent, cohesive, will resonate with your target market, AND are strategically implemented. After this stage is complete you will be 100% confident that you are ready to introduce your brand to the world.


Turning your idea into a profitable money making machine.

You will learn all about website design, sales funnels, setting up automated emails, FB marketing and more. We are giving you everything you need in one place! This is where the magic happens baby.

Investment - $2997

This is literally the same exact method and tools we used to create brands for our clients.

When we were starting out we would have loved it if someone would have shared this type GOLDMINE of tactics, resources and training with us in the beginning! AND including PERSONAL COACHING as well(!). We're so excited to be able to share this with you, to help you save time and money so you can focus on getting your message out to the world


We know you’ve got some ideas and we’re here to help you move forward with them.


Stop feeling stuck and overwhelmed.

Trust us. It’s going to be great and it’s going to be fun.

Before you know it you will be itching to share your new brand with your friends and family and most importantly, the world.


We know how scary it is to leave the comfort of your 9-5 to chase your dreams, but we also know it's worth it. 

You’ve got this and we’re going to show you how!

We know that building a business and thinking about how to create a brand that truly reflects you, your offering AND attracts your ideal client can feel overwhelming and can get frustrating.

. We've worked with major companies all over the globe (literally) in marketing and communications, but starting out on our own we did not have unlimited resources or teams of talented people to help us.

That’s why we created The Ultimate Secret Recipe for Your Authentic Brand! (Baking themed, to keep this serious stuff a little fun and because it’s authentic to who we are: smart, funny and we love baking… and eating sweets!).


Don’t wait another 6 months or even a year to get this branding piece done and dusted.

YOU HAVE SO MUCH IN YOU TO GIVE and your audience is waiting for you.


We are so pumped and can’t wait to virtually meet you! Off to pour a crisp glass of bubbly to cheers you and your gorgeous, authentic new brand!

You’ve got this and we’re here for you!

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