NatPark Collective was created to help women build a business they love in order to live a life of freedom and fulfillment on their own terms.

We provide tips, tools, strategies, support and inspiration through our online community. 

What’s Different About Us?

Our approach to branding is from a marketing and psychology perspective so that all brand touchpoints work cohesively together to create an effective brand experience. This approach ensures our clients feel connected to and proud of their brands, and creates brands which truly resonate with their target audiences.

Our branding, web design and consulting packages provide the solid foundation for your success.

Our Story

Just Like You

Not long ago we were exactly like you, sitting on the other side of a computer wanting more for our lives but feeling lost and overwhelmed at how to do it and how large that mountain was that we had to climb to get there...

You see both of us came from careers where our voices weren’t heard. Where our ideas and opinions dwelled inside of us and we had little to no control over our time, our finances or, well… our success.

When Everything Changed

Then our babies came. Sweet rays of beautiful sunshine that made us wake up and realize that time goes too quickly to sit on the side lines. If we wanted to make a difference in our lives AND the lives of others, leading by example to encourage our little ones to dream big and believe that anything is possible, then we had to act NOW. So we did.


When you have the courage to chase your dreams you inspire others to chase theirs too

How It All Began

The stars aligned when we met living abroad in Dubai in 2010. It was there that we discovered a shared passion for brainstorming big ideas to change the world, soaking up the sun poolside, and ending our days with a crisp glass of wine.

As the universe would have it, we both ended up living in Vancouver, having babies just one month apart, and ready to follow our dreams of becoming entrepreneurs.

After more brainstorming (and wine), we discovered a way we could combine our experience in marketing, communications and psychology to make an impact and help others succeed. We had worked with major companies all over the globe (literally) in marketing and communications, but starting out on our own was different. We didn’t  have unlimited resources or teams of talented people to help us. We had to learn how to do it ourselves. And guess what? We did it! And we know you can too!

We believe in collaboration, not competition; and we thrive on empowering others with effective marketing tools to grow their businesses.   

So if you need some friendly advice, encouragement, want to learn something new, or even just need a good laugh, we are here for you, sister!

Life is short. Now is your time to align (with your purpose) and shine. You’ve got this and we’ve got your back!


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